I'm a moderate player who's just getting his feet back under him after many years of non-playing. I have a few pretty good guitars, and I'm starting to ramp up my amp collection. I mostly enjoy playing rock, some blues, and some classical (yeah, weird, I know).

I'm really enjoying messing around with different amps to see what tones they can give, and I'm getting close to pulling the plug on potentially a Vox AC15C1. But I already have a VOX AD50VT that's in great shape, and I'm looking for input on whether the AC15 will be that much different/better.

For context, here's the other equipment I have:
- Fender Mustang V head
- Line 6 Amplifi 150w
- Crate GT212 (honestly, way too loud for what I need, but it was really cheap on Craig's list, so I grabbed it)
- Orange Tiny Terror
- Blackheart Little Giant 5W class A
- Orange micro terror
- Orange 1x12 cabinet (I run all the heads through this)

- 2013 Gibson LP standard (my favorite)
- 1996 Fender Clapton strat
- 1996 Fender Fotoflame Tele (Japanese)
- 2010 Epiphone 1960 Tribute (Classic 57 humbuckers)
- a couple of "ok" to "fairly nice" acoustic and classical guitars

As you can see, the only full tube amps I have are the lunchbox variety. I've also been considering one of the Crate Vintage tube amps (20 or 30W), or maybe a Bugera V22. And of course, potentially something from Marshal. I'd like to keep it around $600.

Thanks for all input!
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if I were you I would question wether I really need 7 mediocre amps. Then I would sell all of them, my budget would go up to 2000$ and I'd come back and make another updated thread with the different budget.

So my question to you is why do you feel that you need 7 low-mid quality amps?
Sure you wouldn't prefer to sell a couple amps (or more), save up some more and get an amp that's good sounding and versatile enough for you not to need anymore than one or two other amps max?

For some rock and blues for example I'd rather get the v22 instead of the AC15.
Yes the AC15 is pretty damn different from the valvetronix.
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The VOX VT series does the AC sound as well as they can for their low-budget price tag. I recommend that you sell some of your amps and keep a small portable combo, maybe even the AD50VT, for smaller performances/practice. Use the proceeds to go towards an AC30 (higher headroom, effects loop, etc.)
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I agree with the other posters, if you already have 7 (!) amps and are still looking for another, then you should probably sell all or most of those and put the money into the new one.
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Yep, sell the amps you have and come back with a new budget and sound needs.
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ditch the mustang head and the line 6 ampifi and as stated come back with more money.

$600 isn't going to be worthwhile for a step up.

if you don't want to sell anything, i would get a post 2003 DSL401. or look for a used fender silverface bassman or maybe a vox ac15 or 30.
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Answer these questions first to focus your search:

What do I want this amp to do for me?
Where am I going to play it?
Which guitarists heavily influence my sound?

Right now your collection is all over the place with a lot of duplication. Personally I like having different size amps for different purposes but amps are just tools. Buying a bunch of tools blindly doesn't accomplish much. I could see keeping one modeling amp, keep the Orange TT for great Brit crunch, and adding a Fender or Mesa to complete the package. Other players will have other ideas.
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If you can and are happy to get rid of all of them, sounds like a Mesa would be good. Something like an Express, Lone Star, TA, Stiletto etc..
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