Hi everyone, I've just received my first ever Orange amp which is the colossal OR100 (man, never knew how heavy this thing could be), so I got the FS-2 footswitch and plugged it into the Channel input at the back using a lead which has no issues.

Then I got my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro, plugged it in, and turned the amp to the lowest power setting (30 watts). My Lanel 4x12 is connected to the head using the correct ohmage (16 ohms).

I switched on the power, waited around 2-3 minutes then switched on to Half power. I play around but silence. I even turn up the volume to around 10 o'clock...then higher...the higher...and still utter silence...so I turn it down again to barely past 1. I press the footswitch, the orange LED switches on, and the Clean channel at least made some noise. It reacted to increasing the volume and indeed sounded great, but switching back and the Dirty channel is still silent. No response whatsoever.

I'm based in the UK, and the voltage, power etc for the amp is all correct. All my leads are in perfect condition and worked with the last amp. Can somebody shed some light on why this is (not) happening? Any other Orange users experienced anything like this? I'm getting awfully panicky.

Disconnect the footswitch and see if it switches and works without it.

Remove the back and remove and reseat all the valves as sometimes things get knocked about in shipping.
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An instrument cable will not work for a footswitch, I would check on that.

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
With this footswitch you have to use an instrument cable.

Anyway...crisis averted. Turns out my guitar is maybe at fault. Even at the lowest power setting, had to turn the gain to around 1 o'clock until any noise was made. After that...sonic bliss! Well...maybe not 'bliss' cos of the low volumes, but some noise at least. Think I'll take my geetar back to the tech, he may have done a bodge job on the pickups.

Can't wait until next Sunday when I get to crank this behemoth up!