I think you might be overthinking what he's doing.. It's an incredibly standard strumming pattern. There's no name for what he's doing. He's just using subtle accenting on the highs and lows.
They might sound more full to you because for the majority of it he just hits the first 2-3 strings to accent the bass sound, and every 3rd/6th strum or so he accents the high notes by hitting the high strings. Of course there's the added reverb and delay to give that bigger sound.
There's really not much to it. It's a very subtle technique which is incredibly common in all genre's of music. I can think of few rhythm sections where a chord is consistently strummed in the exact same manner across all 6 strings. That would give a very uninteresting sound.
Nowhere in that video you linked is there an even 6 string strum.

I almost feel like I must be completely missing something here because this seems so obvious to me. Maybe someone else can enlighten me?
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