finally got my pickguard shipped from china, i needed one since my washburn didnt have any, i always finger it up and heavy pick at times so i needed one, i never did find a dark brown solid color and didnt care for much anything else, so i got the 8 guards from china for $14 shipped (all different color schemes) it said made from pvc so it could of been tape as far as i knew, anyway- it actually is thin pvc with adhesive on the back, it went on real nice and thin enough so it shouldnt effect the sound- i choose the dark rosewood style, hard to tell on the image, but it matches the top color in the headstock, and REAL CLOSE to the rosewood bridge color
pick guard web.jpg
It would annoy me that the radius on the guard doesn't match that of the detailing around the hole - but otherwise it looks sound.
your right about the radius, its not perfect, i thought of trimming it but decided its close enough to not worry about it, it was the only rosewood grain in the group ,and didnt want to mess it up with a bad cutting