Hey, thanks for your honest C! it was very hard for me to critique this since i didn't know the song so i listened to the original then i listened to yours again, it's pretty nice! I only have one comment and might sound cheesy , the lead parts seem like they have no energy in them , and i don't mean facial expressions or anything, it's like for the original the time the guy sustains each bend is very peculiar and nice, with you, whilst you played it fine, it didn't seem that you paid attention to those kind of things. like you'd just play a second where he'd bend to a second and hold it and stuff like that, then again it was a parody so it's kind of hard to bond with such a song haha, but nice playing ! Can't critique your vocals since i thought i had a nice voice for 15 years till i had to get it pointed out that i suck beyond words .
Interesting parody.

Mix was pretty good! Did you add really quick vibrato to your voice when recording that?
The solo guitar could have a bit of delay or chorus to fill it up. Something subtle.
Work on some of those bends, trust me, I not that great at them either.... They are one of the hardest things to master on the guitar, in my opinion. Especially, add vibrato to them.

Sexy guitar by the way

Keep up the great work man!

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Good points -- I played most of the song from memory, so I could use to go back and re-listen for subtleties. We were in a bit of a time crunch to learn the song and went from idea to recording in less than 24 hours. Some of that probably shows through!

I'm not entirely sure on the vocals as I didn't actually do the mix. We did double-track them and recorded each in just one take, so you may also be hearing me be out of tune with myself