I have a Randall RX15 amp. My current settings are; Gain-10 Bass-4 Mids-2 Treble-10.
This settings give me a decent metal tone with my amp when played through an overdrive setting on my amp, but I'm looking for a bit more. Something that will make my palm muting heavy. Any ideas?
buy a better amp. dude that is a really cheap practice amp with a 6.5 inch speaker it just plain isn't capable of extreme "br00tz" sorry but that's the truth.

by the way super scooped mids never sounds good at real volumes and having the gain on 10 leads to total mush.
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If a new amp isn't an option, I suggest buying a hardwire TL-2 metal pedal (used at $30-$50). Sounded much better than any distortion on my peavey vypr 15.
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You're not going to want to hear this, but your amp, with its 6.5" speaker, is not going to sound "heavy" no matter how much gain you throw at it, no matter how you EQ it, and no matter what pedal you run into it. You are now realizing the limitations of a cheap practice amp. Congratulations -- it's time to move on.

Before you spend any money trying to get a better tone out of it, instead consider saving for a new amp with a 12" speaker. You won't need to spend much to get something A LOT better than what you have.

I'd heartily recommend looking for a used Peavey Vypyr 30 combo (a new one is around $200 -- so even that isn't too bad.) They have a 12" speaker and plenty of high-gain amp models to choose from that will sound great for what you're describing.

TL/DR: What you need is a new amp.
I actually have a slight obsession with heavy palm mutes (my #1 criterion for setting up the distorted channel is "if chugs don't cause mini earthquakes it's not good enough", even though I don't really 0000 all the time), and the main thing is definitely: mids. Contrary to the oldschool way, I totally recommend turning up the mids for the chugging, thundering palm mute sound. Bass around 4-5 is fine, you might want to turn down the treble a bit to highlight the massive sound. And yeah, gain at 10 doesn't actually help heaviness, you need a healthy amount for an aggressive sound, but above a certain level it just becomes messy rather than aggressive (depends on the amp).

A better amp always makes it easier to get good tones of course (I know it's easier to shout "get a new amp" that answer the actual question...), but I don't think I've ever heard any amp more or less capable of metal that can't sound heavy, I could even get sort of heavy chugging tones out of a Marshall MG. And no amp will ever sound good if you don't know how to EQ it the way you like.
I have my settings at Gain-10 bass-5 mids-6- treble-10. I'm using Ernie ball power slinky strings.