Hey, this is a collection of demo tracks I probably intend to sort through and record more better at some point in the future. Near future. Veeeery near future. Not that near. Go away. You smell.

Um Well, some of them might not make the album and I've got a few that I still have to write parts for (drums, harmonies, etc).

They're super gay. I mean, super hard. They're super hard. Maybe a little gay.

Uh, anyways, I call it regressive metal because it's like the whole album was a step back for me, musically, from what I'd been playing and was very much a simplification, or refocusing, of my creative energies, which, in retrospect, actually turned out quite well.

Really interested in what people like - what works and what doesn't, does stuff feel unfinished or over-finished, etc. Are there parts of songs that are missing? There's a few songs which I'm worried are a little too same-ish to existing songs - you know, current climate and all. Are songs missing solos? Too many solos? Not enough cowbell? Too much cowbell? Some songs are out of tune. My guitar needs a fricken faith healer tbh. Eugh yeah, let me know what y'all think.

by the way, i stole this riff.
There's never enough cowbell!

Giving a listen right now so will do a song by song analysis:

Favourite tracks: Bleargh, Making Faces, FML (especially because of the almost Loony Toons like guitar merp at the start haha), Nothings Gonna Stop Me.

There are some great songs here but they are killed by the muddiness of the guitars (I'm not one to toot my own horn on mixing though). Also sounds like it's mono, all in your face mashing your head. If there was more clarity it would make elements of the music really shine through. I found that the guitar melodies followed a very similar formula on a few of the songs which made it hard for them to stand out as individual tracks.

Check out my song if you want