Has anyone managed to get hold of one of these yet? Launched with a lot of publicity and they sound great in the video reviews. I am currently playing through a Fender Mustang 3 and my "Sound" is Fender Deluxe Reverb. I parted with a Supersonic 22 as I didn't need an amp that loud and the Mustang is OK for practice but not great for playing out. The Blues Cube seems like a quality amp with great tones and light, which is what I want but taking an age to get to the shops. I have a niggling feeling I should have gone for the Deluxe Reverb and been done with it but I play a lot and a tube sounding solid state is a sensible option. Anyone got one or any information or comments?
they used to sell a "blues cube" way back. only saw one
in use. I was pretty impressed with it. wonder if this new one is similar to their old design.

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i think more or less the blues cube would be a sidestep to what you have now .
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The early Blues cube was a pretty decent amp. The Deluxe Reverb or Supersonic 22 are better IMO. A Super Champ XD clean channel offers Blackface Deluxe Reverb vibe at lower volumes. Worth a look.
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I had one of these thanks but wasn't that keen on it. The Deluxe sounds on the Mustang are really good. If it wasn't for the odd time i play out i would probably just stick with it. Have to say though when I last plugged in to a Deluxe Reverb I thought it was really beautiful.
While normally Trashed and I see eye to eye, I don't think the Blues Cube would be a sidestep. If it is anything like the old one, it will rip. Just the other day I was jamming on a Roland VGA-7, a much older amp, and I was so impressed I almost bought it off the guy. Roland is really good about getting awesome sounds out of digital and analog components alike, and I feel like the Blues Cube is a nod to the Roland designs of old that pushed to get the best sounds possible.

I for one am very excited about it and I want to buy one
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My local music shop got one in for me and I bought it! I have to say it's a brilliant amp. For me it's everything they said and more. My Gibson acoustic sounds great through it. The great thing is it integrates so well with the Boss ME 80 I bought and I can get a very wide range of quality tones though this. This is not a marketing con believe me. They really are quality amps and each guitar sounds different through it.