I have the g3 and I use it with a Blackstar ID:30 and of course it does not have an effects loop. I was wondering if it would be worth getting a small amp with an fx loop, would it sound better? Just curious if the amp sims would sound better
I have my G3 separate from the rest of my pedals and running into a powered speaker. Imo, that's the best way to go for using the G3's amp models. Combined with the DL4 on my pedalboard, I can make an impressive amount of sounds at once with this setup.
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If you're actually playing through an amp, I'd imagine you'd want to turn the amp sims off & just use it for effects.

FWIW, I run mine in my amps loop, but that's mainly because when I'm gigging I only use it for modulation & delays. The amp sims only get used when I'm doing headphone practice or recording.
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