Do many bassists care about pickup output?

I'm just curious as to how many bassists out there are actively seeking high or low output pickups for their bass.

I know it's important for many guitarists, but how important is it for bassists to know if their pickups have high or low output?

I don't know if I seek it out, but my explorer style bass has a super hot passive humbucker in it. I love the way it hits the amp, and it sounds great overdriven, too.
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I don't actively seek out either because as long as it sounds good, I'm happy with it.
Since us bassists tend to play either clean or with light crunch, we don't tend to need to push amps like guitarist's might to achieve our tones. Most of us use solid state amps or DIs anyway.
My 5 string Stingray has an ultra hot preamp which clips anything it goes near, so that can cause problems, but I just roll the volume down and I'm good to go.
Hot allows for lower action and less right hand force.

That is what it takes to get speed.

Thanks Alembic, and of course Leo too.
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