I am currently looking for a 7 String to buy. Atm i find diamond plated guitars pretty nice. Do you know any 7 String that is diamond plated?
looks > functionality

thanks in advance.
I don't think such a thing exists as a production guitar, thanks to demand and supply.

Also, not to be a dick, but bear in mind that guitars are like tattoos - there's always the chance of regretting the purchase and a pointy metally guitar is like a big tattoo: you're more likely to regret getting it in a couple years' time and it's going to be harder to get rid of if you do.
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You could always buy a 7 string and cut some diamond plate to the shape and screw it on like a pickguard. It would be pretty damn heavy though . But yeah, there are exactly zero diamond plate 7 strings. I think Kramer and ESP have the market cornered on diamond plate guitars.
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As I recall, these guys might cut & drill the plate to your specs.

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