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This is my first time uploading an original track. This one is called Asesinato de Sofia (Sophie's Murder). Yeah I know, maybe you feel cheated because this song is in Spanish but what the hell, you are already here and metal doesn't have languages or boundaries, right? Haha well I hope so.

I have some trouble labeling my music but I feel that this one is pretty straight forward. It is metal with some orchestral sections. My influences for this are many movie soundtracks, Symphony X and that kind of stuff.

I'll attach both spanish and a translation to english. Of course it might not sound as poetical or lyrical as it should, but at least to send the message.

Anyway, any criticism would be gladly received. Recording quality and about the song itself. I have previously uploaded some covers in the past but this is my first shot with an original. C4C as usual of course. Thank you very much!

Eis - Asesinato de Sofia.txt
Eis - Sophie's Murder.txt
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Firstly, really enjoyed your track, particularly the instrumental section from around 2:20 where there was a god balance between the instrumental sections and guitars.

Vocally, i thought that your song would really benefit from a classically trained/operatic style singer along the lines of someone like James Laurie. The music tends to lend itself to the style of vocal.

Mix wise, i thought the drums were well produced. There was some conflicting frequencies between the guitars and orchestral samples. To gain bit more clarity in the guitars look at some cuts between 600-800 range. It might be worth analysing the frequencies between the guitars and the string parts to look what can be cut to ensure you can hear both part clearly.

Great track mate, C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672636

Cheers, M