My daughter just bought me a new/old guitar for my birthday, and I'm pleased with it out of all proportion to its monetary value - and it takes an awful lot to get me excited about guitars these days.

Here it is, a Peavey Raptor Exp Plus, from the local Cash Converters:

I know it's not much to look at, but what really caught my attention was its (lack of) weight. It is by far the lightest standard electric I have ever seen, except for an identical one in the same shop. It is some kind of white timber, I'm guessing Paulownia, which I have wanted to try for while now. Does anyone know for sure?

Other good points:

Barely played and very few dings, so a closet relic.

Good neck and frets. The nut needs lowering a tiny bit, and I tweaked the relief, but apart from that nothing. No warping, no sharp fret ends, no need for levelling.

Reasonable diecast mini tuners and OK bridge. I'll get some pressed steel saddles at some stage. I blocked the trem and set it up with 10-46 strings, no problem.

No timber or paint cracks that I can see.

The pickups are good. Good warmish sound, a bit hotter than vintage strat SCs, and, very importantly for me, perfect string-to-string balance with Ernie Ball Slinkies. This is the first time I have experienced this in flat-pole pickups. I was expecting to chuck the electronics, pickups and pickguard and do a universal pickup rout, but atm I'm planning on keeping them as-is.

I might refinish the body at some stage, in nice dignified satin black, but I'm in no hurry

All this for Oz$65, say US$40, with exchange rate and price expectation differences taken into account, gig bag included. What more could one ask in a bithday pressie?
Nice, thoughtful gift: HNGD/Happy Birthday!
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No clue on the wood, sorry. Doesn't peavey spec it as "hardwood"?
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i'd guess poplar or basswood.

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^^^^^ It certainly could be, and likely is, but the lightness of if stood out like the proverbial dog's privates compared to, say, the Squier Affinity standing next to it in the rack, or how I remember Ibanez. - And it is a full thickness Strat style body.

I wish I had some ******* scales that would weigh it.
That is a bargain.I was in 3 Cash Converter stores the other day(UK) and literally every guitar in all of them were pos.Nice find.
Cash Converters pricing is weird, and mostly not a bargain by any means on guitar related gear. I think they might just get an occasional glitch in their database. The previous Raptor I bought a few months ago was in non-working and damaged condition, and $75 in their clearance sale. When I bought this one for $65, they had an identical one in substantially poorer condition for $70. It's a lottery.

FWIW, the one I bought a few months ago is much heavier than this one and its twin mentioned above.