Chasing Erin - "Subside By Side"


All the vocals, guitars, bass, programming, and production was all done by me.
Too proud. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.
Wasn't going to give out downloads yet, but I don't see why not.


They always say, they always say you can
Burn it away, burn it away
These days I just wanna say

And I know it's not sempiternal
You wring me out like a ****ing disease

What if I can't, what if I can't pretend
Things are on track, things are on track
Sometimes I get taken aback

Side by side
We wished our differences
Would subside, beside

Never will I be
By the way you talk
By the way you move
Baby, if these lips could talk
They'd figure out how to tell the truth

And I know it's not sempiternal
You wring me out like a ****ing disease
Side by side
We wished our differences
Would subside, besides



Critique for critique!
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Thank you so much for listening!
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Awesome intro, definitely engages the listener! For me the screams were a bit too 'treble heavy' for me, I would've liked to have heard some lower screams to harmonize with it. The clean vocals are out of tune, have a closer look at your melodies and make sure they work over the chords.

Solo isn't bad! Some cool ideas in it, I like the clean guitars straight after, they give the song some good dynamics. I thought the transition to the breakdown afterwards could've been smoother.

Nice job on the recording, though! Keep up the good work C4C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V7GJQMmEdk

Great riffs in the song, intro riff has a good groove to it and there's also another riff around 2:01 which I thought was really cool. The bass and guitar linked together well but the guitars sounded a little trebley.

The dynamic change with the clean guitars flowed well.

Overall I liked the vocals and the style of singing fitted the song. There was just one line "And I know it's not sempiternal" which sounded a little out of tune?

Great track overall though, good arrangements and flow to the song.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672636
Loved the instrumental part of it, i'm not really a metal guy, so the high pitched screams were a little too much for me. Subside by side 02:05 there the screaming was fine more or less but in the beginning it's too much for me. Still like the instrumental parts
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Thanks for the comment!

Haha at first I thought the song was called Suicide by Side! Would make an interesting idea for a suicide pact gone wrong song.

Being a fan of Bring Me The Horizon's Sempiternal album, I found overall the song was quite cool to listen to although wasn't too keen on the use of the word sempiternal in the lyrics. Was that line intentionally out of tune?

The instrumentation has that 'spacey ambient' feel to it (definitely not technical terminology!) which is something I like about the style and would look for. My visual mind depicts the level in Golden Eye that starts in a jail.

Major riffage at 2mins! Good section and nice use of noise gates.

Vocals are good although maybe less treble? More mids? Are you using any distortion on the vocals? I always find distortion ****s with the real sound of a scream. Don't take my word for this, I only have the very basic mixing and mastering knowledge.

Overall a good listen!
Thanks for the crit on my song.

I don't really like the vocals, just not really my taste. The guitar melodies and chord progressions are nice though, along with the overall composition. The solo in the middle is tasteful and not overdone like a lot of solos in metal songs are. Good job!
The composition itself could use some work, but the things that really hold this track and you back are the guitar not being accurately tuned (which becomes more obvious during the clean section), and the vocalist not having a good sense of tone (which again becomes obvious when his vocals clean up a bit). His scream is interesting, and I feel like it is actually fairly powerful but the vocal tracking quality was a bit sub-par so it doesn't do him justice. He just needs to work on his ear and tone control. Otherwise, keep it coming man!
I can't say this was one of my favorites by you. I much prefer the more melodic singing over the screaming, per usual. I like some of the guitar work, though I agree it sometimes sounds out of tune. Sometimes I tune between every take, which is a pain, but can be necessary. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

Trenchantly tense uncompromising tortured mind**** music of extra excellence here. Inexorably relentless driving beats, searing guitars, psychotically charged vocals, all delivered with mad verve, monster musicianship, slick arrangement and meaty production. I suspect that this band has attempted to go all out and create an extreme sound. If this is the case, they have succeeded admirably.
Also I love the little tender quite asides, these add colour and weight to this frantic fantasia of clever creativity and imaginative invention.
Simply outstanding,,,,,

For something different C4C here.