Has anyone had any experience with a Jackson JS11 Dinky? I'm thinking about it as my next guitar.
they're ok for an entry level guitar. will need a good setup and don't expect much from the trem.
They're not great guitars. But for such a small amount of money, you cannot expect much.
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Don't buy one without playing it first. If you can try them out at a shop, you might get lucky and find the 1 out of 10 that doesn't have razor-sharp fret ends. Then you buy that one. If you're shopping online, and have to buy blind, save another $100 and/or go with another brand. The JS11 is absolute bottom of the barrel entry level, and among the worst in that category from the big brand names. Schecter, LTD, Ibanez, and even Squier, shit all over them in the <$300 range. That opinion is based on my experience working in a guitar shop, playing and demoing (and sometimes repairing/maintaining) dozens of entry level guitars from all those brands.
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