Light today's last cigarette,
Ash it on the floor.
Staring at an empty bottle,
What am I living for?

Can't think about tomorrow,
Or the path that I am on.
Put my dreams inside a chamber,
Lock up tight till they''re gone.

Examing my own perspective,
Self medicated and alone.
Jesus knows my every moment,
He's the one who paved this road.

Can't think about tomorrow,
Or the past things I've done.
My freedoms in a chamber,
And I have sweaty palms.

Why can't I escape this chamber?
Why must I carry on?
Why should I live in hatred?
Why am I the chosen one?

Cold and hard like blue steel,
Chambers all I've known.
Everything is locked inside,
Hidden from the world.

No worries about tomorrow,
The day will never come.
Chamber has become empty,
I've become undone.