Hello all,

I've recently bought a Marshall AVT150H but it hasn't got a footswitch.

I've looked on the Interweb but they are around £65. Does anyone know if I can buy a compatible footswitch? I only want to change from overdrive to clean!

Or is there any way of making a cheap DIY switcher?

Thank you in advance

Would this work with the AVT150H?
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I'm sure there are probably cheaper compatible footswitches and as for DIY, that should be pretty easy - I made one myself for my B-52 amp, though I'm not familiar with how different amps do things. You'd get better answers in the Guitar Gear & Accessories section of the forum.
The4thHorsemen Thats brilliant! I'll have a look see. Thanks for your reply
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Read the manual. I think is a momentary footswitch, my friend bought a generic one from Music123 which I can't find now but these should work:






There are more on there, I think the Vox and Peavey 2 button switches should be able to control the reverb as well. I think by reading the Marshall manual you might be able to find the schematics on the switch and compare to the schematics on the other switches.

Quite likely this will work with the amp channel selection and reverb:
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