I have a hagstrom super swede and I am pretty happy with how the pickups sound. Although I am wondering whether they could sound better.
My only real criticism of it is the tone pots don't really do much. So I am taking to get new tone pots and now thinking about pickups at same time.
I am thinking of Seymour Duncan either alnico pro ll or 59 model or combination of both.
My worry is though that I might end up with little improvement or even end up with something I don't like as much as original.

If anyone has changed pickups in a hagstrom I would appreciate any feedback or experience you have had thanks
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If you like the way they sound, don't even think about changing them unless/until you hear something out there that sounds like an improvement.
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If you like how they currently sound, and it's only the tone control you don't like you could just try experimenting with different tone capacitors values - A new capacitor is a really cheap mod and you might find you like the sound more without spending loads of money and time switching pickups.
I agree completely. If you like the sound, don't "fix" it...WeZ has a very good idea, tweak the capacitor. If it's not getting much in the way of change when you use the tone control it might have the wrong type. Tone controls are usually Linear, while volume controls are usually audio taper. Humbuckers take a 500K pot, single coil needs 250K.

Here's a good article that may help you understand a bit more about what's going on inside there.


Also about capacitors

Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...