So long story short, I've been looking for a telecaster in a nice dark green color with white binding for a while, but apparently that's the ONLY color Fender (and apparently everyone else for that matter) doesn't make very often, and it costs $4,000 if they do. I'm more specifically referring to a color scheme like this Cadillac Green one:


Anyway, I was wondering if it's possible to just buy a MIM tele and repaint it/ have binding added to it to resemble that, or if my only option is to have one custom made for a couple grand?

(Also side note, what is it about this specific color scheme that makes it so expensive? It's such an uncommon color, even on other manufacturer's guitars. I wouldn't think dark green would be that hard of a color to find for a guitar, and I'm not convinced it's because of the binding considering how many other guitars that also have binding I find on a daily basis, even in budget guitars)
Warmoth doesn't offer a green color like that, looking at their website. Maybe ask them? sales[at]warmoth.com
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Yeah, I contacted Warmoth about possibly getting that color, but I took a look at what the body might cost alone with the greens that they have (the metallic green is as close as any of the stock colors get) and it's somewhere around $600 with the binding, go figure!