i am selling the flashback delay pedal i bought last september. I have honestly only used it about ten times since then. It will come with the original box/usb cable and it will also Include a one spot power supply.

The pedal itself is still in great condition minus one small scratch. Featurewise, you can just look at its official website page here http://www.tcelectronic.com/flashback-delay/ . The Ability to upload new delay patches via your smart phone is actually really cool and simple.

Here are some pictures as well http://imgur.com/xkuUBYs,vqiVUnD,DcNiC9J,DFrXd1k,CkGRhsI#0

I am selling it for $125. I have paypal and will ship it via usps or ups depending on the day and time. feel free to email me at dpdjazz93@gmail.com or on here if you are interested!