I was wondering a little about approximate value of
three guitars I want to SELL because I am not using
them one bit ...

1) a 2007 Fender Custom Shop surf green Nocater 51
NOS electric guitar (VERY little used - as new more or
less except one scratcjh in paint caused by my cat I
suspect ) ???

2) a 2007 Gibson the Blues King acoustic guitar (vir-
tually unused - perfectly straight etc) ???

3) a 1990-1991 Japan Fender Precision Bass 51 re-
issue/replica (super good bass - has been played some
but has only very very minor scratches etc - like a mu-
sic store exhibition item I suppose) ???

I have lsited tham at Swedish ebay for approximate
1250, 7650 and 750 EUR respectively - wanted to try
to check if that is appropriate price???

Thanks ...
Doesn't seem one can edit messages at this forum - very strange
- anyway the prices I listed the guitars for were 1250, 750 and
750 EUR respectively (not 7650 EUR for the Gibson ...).
^Wrong Forum.

This is for ADS. Try the Electric Guitar Forum for Electric Guitar, Bass Forum for Bass, and so on.

And it's not strange that this forum doesn't have an "Edit" button. It's to protect buyers. If something is sold and the buyer receives an item that doesn't match, the seller can't change the description. If the sellers were able to change the description, a lot of people would get ripped of (and it's happened before, hence why the Edit feature is taken off).
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