I just got a Line 6 DL4 and MM4. I am out of my depth with these pedals and could really use some help with settings. I would like to set the MM4 for a chorus, phaser, flanger, and a “cold shot”-esque univibe/rotary effect. I would like to set the DL4 for an “always on” Eric Johnson sort of delay, backwards delay, and a swell effect for clean chords. Can anyone please help me with how to set these sounds up using these pedals or offer any settings?

Thanks Guys!
Its all subjective, you're just gonna have to sit down and figure out what works for you. On the DL4, turning down your "Mix" and/or "Repeats" will give you a more subtle delay. On the flipside, manipulating the "Time" and "Repeats", while playing will give you some wild and crazy, yet amusingly useable sounds. When in "Looper", the fourth switch does some cool things (half-speed [thus double speed too] and reverse) that are fun to screw around with. I'd list a few more but I'm at work, maybe later.
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