Hey guys,
I have a gig tomorrow at a place I never played before and my stupid ocd is keeping me worried.
I have a fairly new tube amp that has worked great so far but I'm worried coming to the gig and it blowing a fuse or something. I do use a regular surge protector for the amp and my one spot when I play at home. Will that protect my fuse from blowing or messing with the amp just in case there's questionable power supplied at the gig place's outlets?
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No. It will save your amp from the most catastrophic of events but a standard overvoltage is not going to trip it and an improperly wired outlet may or may not trip it.

A power conditioner with voltage correction (beware - some "power conditioners" are little more than rackmount units with a fuse and a power strip) will offer protection. You can also get a receptacle tester which will not save you from over-voltage if it happens in the middle of your gig but will at least prevent you from getting fried if there's something wrong with the outlet.

That said, though, a power strip is better than nothing and for one gig it's unlikely you'll run into trouble.
Thanks for the info!
I do have a receptacle tester. Good idea, I'll bring it!
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I plug my amps and power supplies into a Furman AR-15 voltage regulator / power conditioner. And then plug that into a Furman 1800 PF. Basically the AR-15 will keep the power to my gear as close to 120V as possible and the 1800 PF will keep the power clean and let me know if there the power is dropping or pushing over 120V.

But is all that necessary? Not really. Only been to one bad club with sketchy electric wirings. And its really the shortage of voltage that scares me more.

Just make sure to test the outlets and dont plug anything into the ones used for coolers, neon lights, etc. And dont plug yours and everyones else stuff into the same outlet other.
i haven't ever had a problem with power before in any bars (surprisingly because most are hole in the wall ), with that said i use a powerstrip. at home i have power conditioners and battery backups for everything. also for at home, some power companies offer a grounding thing for surges, i have one of those as well.

but i wouldn't worry about it too much, i don't bring my best amps to gigs much.
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I use a stabiliser & plug a extension box to it that has the wiring tester built into it. The box has surge protection & emi filter (maybe) in it. I like to play it safe.
Go to music store and get yourself proper power conditioner, I wouldn't risk it.
There are some really bad venues when it comes to power. I remember one gig that probably would've blown my power amp if it weren't for the surge protection, my tone changed throughout the set, they had some huge fluctuations in the signal. I have a Juice Goose, I think bout it for $60 rackmount.