Hey all

Had a flood and lost a ton of gear, (7 guitars, 10 pedals, 2 amps ... Floods suck...) but a buddys lent me a guitar in the interim. Problem is that I don't have anything to plug it into at the moment. I had a line 6 pod gx but that was damaged in the flood too, so insurance will cover replacing it.

Question is, I'm looking to replace it but wondering if there's any better alternatives in the $100-150 price range to replace it with? Full disclosure, I enjoyed it for what it is, just something cheap, quick and easy to plug in, and i have no issues getting the same thing again, but just wondering if u should look at something different. Once I get all my gear back, i probaby won't use it a ton, but wouldn't mind still getting some use out of it.

Tl;dr: buy a line 6 pod gx again, or something different but similarly priced.

Only catch is I couldn't buy used, since I'll need to submit the receipt for reimbursement.

The POD is good, but personally I'd go for a Zoom G3/5 - they're fairly similar in terms of quality, the main difference is preference.
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