Hey guys, just wondering if anybody knows about the Steinberg UR series and if they support multi device drivers.

I have a UR44 on-desk which runs off mains, but I'm looking to get a UR22 to run off USB for portable recording. Just wondered if I could connect both and run them both through the Steinberg driver and get access to all 6 pre's.
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Probably not, unless you're on OSX and run it as an aggregate device. There are very few interfaces out there that can be daisy chained like this, the only ones I've seen are FireWire. ASIOALL might work on Windows but its a real hit or miss with something like this.

Best bet is to just get a master device with ADAT or SPDIF and expand it that way, if need be. Not sure if either of those devices support either protocol.
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May be worth asking Steinberg. I know for example that most of Presonus' products could be stacked together.

I remembered a while back Sonar could support multi devices ( in a buggy way) but don't know if it still does.
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