hello everyone . I am starting to learn guitar from next week . Read through dozens of guides and stickies about the first guitar and majority were saying to start with acoustic . however i am interested in Rock songs and want to perform with backtrack . therefore i have decided to get electric one .

My budget is low so have decided to get Pacifica 012 as it fits my budget . How is it for beginners ? Also if i want to get it second hand what should i look/observe before buying . I have no knowledge of guitar .

thanks .
If you check around, you probably could upgrade the 012 to a 112 to get an alder body instead of agathis for a smidge more money(pricing on 112 varies pretty widely).

Don't rush into the purchase. Evaluate how far your money will go, because once you buy it the money is sunk. If you decide you want a 400 dollar guitar later, you'll spend ANOTHER 400 dollars. The only reason I have a 012 is because it's for my nieces when they come over and want to play Rocksmith.