https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHf6fbleNXI6X-Kfvg8vYw created this channel for the soul reason to find a way to grow in all aspects of music making. Vocals ( so any vocal experts out there I need training tips) Guitar playing, and performing. I have no professional ambitions I just really want to be the best i can be and to work hard and to log the results . Will anyone help me achieve this goal. My first goal is a 1000 views total and really want there to be that much in constructive comments. if you watch and don't comment there is no where for me to go. So please but be nice. Thank you so and I hope you like it.
Like you said, you can use a bit of better tone and balance on the vocals .. but you definitely have it in you so don't lose it .. just keep going forward and don't ever look back!