Hi. I would like to share the first recording of my band, the self-released EP "Perfect Black Hurt".
It's three tracks mixing Alternative Metal, Mathcore and Thrash Metal.
We are influenced by bands like Botch, Converge, Coalesce, Norma Jean, but also Tool, Mastodon, Slayer, Sepultura, Deftones, Metallica...

You can stream or download for free here:


Our band was formed on 2013, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Elias CJ - Vocals/Noises
Marcelo Varge - Guitar
Paulo Pedraza - Bass
Victor Campos - Drums

I hope you enjoy.
If you feel like, this is our Facebook page:


All the best,

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Musically this is pretty cool for me
You're pretty tight and cool riffs.
I think the growl vocals work best, clean vocals need some work.
Musically speaking, I enjoyed the songs. Good and heavy-sounding riffs, good rhythmic work. I liked a lot your work on Black Womb: good guitar leads, great and effective riffs, several distinctive sections and an overall tight and powerful sound. The riffs in Hurthrone were great as well; powerful and precise.

My main concerns will be on the vocals, however. In my opinion, they need a lot of work, especially the clean lines. I felt them constrained and insecure (maybe nervousness/lack of practice?). Also, he needs a lot of practicing using a metronome with the tracks. I heard the vocals being unaccurate on the beats some times especially at the beginning of them; I know metal is not (necessarily) about pristine perfection but those unaccuracies were really noticeable so I'd suggest to work on it for future recordings

Overall, good work. Work on those details and you'll surely make it!
(forgot to mention...awesome artwork! I really liked the cover. Great work over there!)
Agreed with the two people above me: musically it is good and you guys play very well. Love that bass solo! It's just the clean vocals that need a little work. The growls sound fine. I am so loving the cover art! May I know who the artist is behind this excellent artwork?
Hello to everyone,

We really appreciate your feedback about our music, having people who spend a little time listening to us and helping us to improve is nothing less than amazing.

About the artwork, it was done by an english arstist, here's his site: http://si-clark.co.uk/

I would like to invite you guys to "Like" our Facebook page if you will: http://www.facebook.com/constrict

We will soon add some videos and more musics, hopefully improving all your feedback points, you are exactly the kind of people who we want following us

All the best,