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I've seen agathis bad-mouthed a few times recently, eg get a Yamaha 112 instead of 012. What's perceived to be wrong with it?


It's cheap lumber and doesn't have the cachet of Ash, Mahogany, Alder, Basswood, or even Poplar. Otherwise, I've played a Squier Strat made from Agathis and I didn't notice anything noticeable compared to those in the same price range. As long as your guitar is set up well and going through a decent amp, who cares?
Nothing wrong with Agathis at all; it's just often used in less expensive guitars and has developed a sort of "guilt by association."

It's worth noting that both Honduras Mahogany and Brazilian Rosewood were originally used on Gibson's cheap student guitars (and its middle range guitars), while maple sides/backs, maple necks and ebony fretboards were used on the premium guitars. These days those cheaper woods have become icons only because they're associated with the '59 LP Standard that's become idolized.

Mahogany sides and backs and mahogany necks are actually still considered cheap or mid-range woods for acoustics from most builders, while rosewood sides/backs and figured maple sides/backs are used on the high-priced guitars.
same thing that was wrong with basswood 30 years ago. it's something fairly new to guitars so of course it can't be any good. some say it has a little duller of a tone than mahogany. being used in cheap guitars usually gets woods branded as crap. in some cases it probably is. like any wood there are different grades and i'm sure that high grade agathis probably would make a decent guitar. agathis and nato as well as a couple of other woods are used as substitute for mahogany (and often is branded as mahogany).
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Thanks. What I suspected - prejudice, not function.

Paulownia rulz!!

to be fair the jury is still kinda out on it. it took some high end builders and a couple of guitar heroes to make basswood acceptable (and even now there are still haters). i think until you see that wood used in some higher end guitars it'll be tough to really judge it's merits or issues.
I suspect what the people in the thread are saying. I haven't tried enough to know. It'd be interesting to try a high-end guitar made out of it, just to see.
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The price of a particular species of wood is determined by supply and demand and that applies across every industry that produces products made of wood, It has nothing to do with how suitable or unsuitable it is for making a particular type of product. Agathis is used for cheaper guitars because it's cheap, and it's cheap because it's easy to obtain because there's an abundant supply, not because it's an inherently inferior material for guitars.
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Thanks. What I suspected - prejudice, not function.

Paulownia rulz!!

FWIW, the Japanese use paulownia and the Chinese use phoenix wood to make instruments. Agathis is found in Southeast Asia. I never saw any agathis instruments down there. In the Phillipines, they have plenty of other woods(really nice cabinetry for cheap, mahogany, cherry, etc) and in Indonesia all they wanted to sell us was blowguns .