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Ibanez SR800
3 100%
Schecter Stiletto Studio 4
0 0%
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Voters: 3.
I play guitar and have several. All very different and I love them all. My bass player quit and now I'm a bassist, sort of.
I have a '95 Ibanez atk. It's a beast. Sounds great, but the neck is a baseball bat and it's wicked heavy. I've played Fender american p and jazz and they're nice but I've never been big on Fender or Gibson. Why? Everyone has one. I want something different. I love my Fernandes Ravelle elite and I'm wondering if any of you have played their basses.
Ibanez soundgear series necks are too thin for me. Odd since I love my Jackson DK2, but I like a thicker neck on the bass.
Opinions and recommendations needed.
You just don't see a lot of Fernandes basses in musical instrument shops. Fernandes seems to have tragically neglected its lines of basses for a while now. Their best-known model, the Gravity bass, is not even available in a five-string version beyond the most entry-level line. A number of their basses are also Fender clones. The Ravelle is the one real standout in their lineup - it is all Fernandes. Some people seem to like them, and the higher-end basses are certainly well-made, but they are not one of the names that comes to mind quickly when looking for a new bass.

Fender basses and Fender-like Objects in the bass world are so hopelessly overdone that some people feel they just have to avoid them. This is understandable. But then you are faced with a problem: a lot of the good "non-Fenders" are pretty pricey. Since you find the necks on a lot of the Ibanez basses to be too thin, I suggest that you take a look at the offerings from Schecter and LTD. There are quite a few "non-Fender" basses in their lineups that should fit your bill. And if you are willing to spend a lot of money, then the sky is the limit. Once you play an Alembic or a Ken Smith or a high-end Spector, you will probably never settle for anything less!
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Thanks FatalGear. I don't mind Fender clones. Big fan of '80s & '90s Japanese guitars. Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, Old Burny/Fernandes. Budget wise I'm thinking $500ish used. I'll check out some ESP and Schecters.
You might want to look at G&L tribute series or some Sterling by Musicman basses. They have a Fenderish kind of look and feel, without being a Fender.
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I do like G&L. Haven't tried a Music Man, they seem a bit overpriced. Im finding that I don't mind the Ibby SR neck. Problem is that I can't find one to play with above the Sr400 and those just feel and sound cheap. Would love thoughts on the SR800.