Hi Guys i have this small problem on my prs se 24 i find that the B string at the 9th fret lacks sustain it's fine on all other frets as is all other strings all over the neck if i move a fret forward or back it has great sustain but not the 9th any thoughts
yeah if it's just that one fret that dies or makes this serious amount of buzzing happen that is the reason. If you go to a guitar tech ask for a "full fret leveling"not a "partial fret leveling". The difference is much more time is put in the full fret leveling and your guitar will be perfect. The price jumps from 75$ (partial) to 150$ at shops locally for me so hopefully its around the same for you.

A professional fret leveling and setup your guitar will play its best. Oddly enough I got to go see my guitar tech about a Hamer guitar this week. Just waiting on my shipment of strings to come in.
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thanks guys i was wondering if that was the case but as the E and the G on the 9th are ok and the B's ok on the 8th and 10th i was wondering if it could be something else guess i'll get it checked