Hey guys! Just wondering if you could help me figure out the model of this Martinez acoustic and how much they go for retail/online typically. I know the photo is crap quality but that's all I can get. Thanks heaps!
I don't know acoustics well, 16 views and no one can help?! Thought you acoustic nerds knew your shit
well it's a Martinez, and I've never seen one of those for more than $500 AU (that was a cheap resonator that had intonation problems I had to fix with a hammer) so I'm guessing not that much, probably $200 maximum.

also this should not be confused with Martinez guitars that make custom classical and flamenco guitars, this is an Australian designed, Chinese made entry level guitar.
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Thanks lads! I've always had 1 Maton and I collect electrics, recently started with acoustics and I'm not too sure about them so thanks again guys! This guy is asking 50, if it plays well I don't see why it wouldn't be a steal?
What's not to like at $50? Just be sure it is playable, that is that the neck relief is OK and that the action is low enough, or can be got low enough by lowering the saddle. - On many guitars that are going cheap, there isn't enough saddle left to get the action low enough, even when the neck relief has been set correctly..
even at 50 bucks - if it's crap, turn it into a clock for like 10 extra bucks.
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