This is Architect (not to be confused with Architects, a much more popular band). They came out with a couple of albums in the 2000's and then seemed to disappear. But i really love how they sound so noisy and disorganized while also sounding really damn heavy.


They got a little bit of a Converge sound, but not quite the same. Ive found a lot of bands in the same genre but they are usually not as heavy.

Hit me up with any bands you can think of. Thanks guys
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Good stuff. Kind of reminds me of early Bleeding Through and early Eighteen Visions. That is all that comes to might right now.

EDIT: You know... never mind, not really. I was thinking of heavy with a splash of core and those guys came to might but this is more core with a lot of heavy. Whatever I don't care. I'm tired leave me alone.
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