Can you tell me how to record the microphone at home? I've got a cheap mic that i connect directly to my pc, but I was thinking to buy something like a shure sm58 or an audio technica at2020 but I looked around and I think they need to be connected to an audio interface to get a good sound. My question: What microphone do you advise me to buy? A usb mic? Can I get good sound quality with 100€? What is a good (and inexpensive) audio interface or mixing table?
You have a few options here. You can get a small 1 channel usb interface, something like a Focusrite Scarlett Solo would be a good choice. However, that's your budget gone on just your interface. You can get something cheaper, like an Alesis Core 1, which would be a nice budget model to go with, and still get good results.

Then you have to go with a mic, which depends entirely on what you're recording. I'm assuming vocals since you suggested an SM58 (I have the Beta 58, and it's worked for me on everything from guitars to vocals and even as a drum overhead with decent results!). My personal preference for something that does everything on a budget would be the Rode M3. The M3 is a condenser, but it has a battery option, so for a cheaper interface (Like the Alesis Core 1) which tend to not have phantom power (which you need to power a condenser mic), you don't need to worry about phantom power! It also has -10db and -20db pad, so if you want to record guitar cabs, you can.

So if you went for an Alesis Core 1 (£40) and a Rode M3 (£70) then you will have a full set-up for £110. Plus, you can most likely get both of those for cheaper than that price.

You other option, is to go for a USB mic. One I've used myself with an okay result is the Blue Snowball (For both acoustic guitar and vocals). It isn't a high quality mic, but it does seem to be a fairly popular one. I've seen them going for about £35. I have a friend who swears by Samson gear, and they have a USB mic for about £60, but having never used any Samson stuff, I can't judge too fairly!
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Can you tell me a good (and inexpensive) audio interface or mixing table and microphone combos for less than 200€?
i have no idea what that is in AUD, but im using an AKG P220 mic for vocals, and I have a Steinberg CI2+ recording interface. good bang for the buck.
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