Such a heavy intro. Great guitar tone, the vocals are powerful and in your face. Awesome aggression! Production is incredible; very clear. The guitar harmony in the back at 1:30 sounds real good. Diggin' the overall sound. I do think the bass could be more present in the mix, but that's just me. The vocals at 3:00 give me chills. They kind of creep up on you. Drums keep the track flowing. Really like the snare/kick combo. That solo tho. Good stuff!

Thanks for the crit!
Wow, this is outstanding. Guitar work is excellent and the tone is absolutely killer. The song flows very well and stays interesting throughout. Guitar solo is insane, vocals are great and drums are very good. Nothing really to critique here. Keep up the amazing work!

Nothing bad can be said about this song at all from my point of view. Killer riffage supported by incredible vocals, interesting sections, nice drums, the whole shabang.

Some of the parts give me fond memories of a band from Sweden called Marionette (I believe they've been non-existent for many years now and never really saw the light of day).

Loving that solo!

Thanks again for the comment on my song man Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback on my track, very much appreciated.

Onto your track, firstly its very well written and the production really is on point. The only production point I'd make was the cymbal hits seemed to spill into each other during the chorus parts.

The chorus vocals around 1:35 and the ending from 5:00 were excellent.

Great track overall , look forward to hearing more from you. Also, your logo and typography is awesome.

Cheers, M