My peavey classic 30 is too loud for bedroom practice, so I am thinking of buy a 1watt or 5 watt valve amp.

Question 1: Since I have the classic 30, If I get a 1watt head e.g. Blackstar HT-1RH and run into my classic 30, the volume is low enough for room practice? or I need to buy its combo version which has the smaller 8" speaker for low volume with pretty valve sound?

Question 2: Any suggestion for 1watt and 5watt amp? I am looking the Blackstar HT-1RH, Mooer Little Monster BM at the moment.

Please advice me.
I just use a dirt pedal to use my amp at low volume, and I have my amp off the floor. Low volume is low volume, regardless of what amp you use.

If it weren't for the internet, I'da never thought anyone had a problem with tube amps at low volume. I only see that problem on guitar forums.

v+1. I use an mfx(Zoom G3) with headphones sometimes just for the versatility and crazy fx. Get an mfx with a looper and you can make a one-man band through headphones.
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Buy a Pod. Amps are amps. They amplify.
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I do use dirty pedal with classic 30 but the volume just too loud, I can only turn the volume knob to 1.5.

I have the pocket pod too, just can't compare to overdrive valve sound.
What's wrong with using the amp with the volume on 1.5?

This isn't really a problem that a smaller amp is going to fix. You could get a quieter speaker like a Greenback which would knock the volume down somewhat. A small crappy amp isn't going to sound better just because it's smaller.
1W into a C30 speaker is still going to be nearly 100db. That is still pretty freaking loud for the BR. A DME and headphones are in your future. Save the C30 for gigs.
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turn the gain up on the classic 30 and leave the master volume down.
If what you want is power amp distortion then even one watt is too loud.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Put your dirt pedal's volume at 0. On "stand by", put your amp's master volume and gain(or whatever controls the preamp) both at 6 ( or 1 o'clock), just as a starting point. Put your guitar's volume at about 8, then turn everything on. Start out by slowly raising the dirt pedal's volume, listen. Now, you've got several functions to work with to get your optimal low volume tone. Your guitar's controls, the pedal's controls, the amp's controls (minus the master and gain controls once you have it set). Need a lil more here, take a lil less from there. Imo, its best to set your amp for LOUD, set your pedal volume low and other controls to taste, and guitar volume at about 8 (leaves room for "just a bit louder", or a low volume psuedo boost).

I'm a luddite, I can't seem to figure out how to get sound clips on the internet, but I've tried a few times, specifically to post in threads like this. I get really good tone at very modest volumes, and on several different amps. I could understand if you had a 100w half-stack, somewhat, but I don't see what the problem is for so many people (note: I understand that I may have just been lucky [tehehe!]).
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if 30 watts is too loud, 5 probably is too.

remember for most modern music, its from preamp gain, not poweramp. the 5 watt head will just give you less headroom. 1 watt through v30 at one meter is 103 db (IIRC if not extremely close), that is too loud for most home applications.

master volumes exist for a reason.
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