Hi guys,

I'm not sure whether my query fits under this section.

I'm from India, and I will be on a vacation next month end, I am planning to spend my vacation at either Pondicherry or Kanyakumari.

I wanna carry my guitar and play there, So I will either be travelling by Bus or Train. I have a regular FOAM padded guitar bag. Will this be enough to carry my guitar? what all precautions do I need to take while travelling.

Note: Im going to keep the guitar in front of me while travelling, not gonna put it away in the luggage section

Thank you very much.

If it's with you it'll be pretty safe. You can always pad the case more with you tshirts and socks.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I guess the only thing I'd suggest is calling ahead to make sure that the train or bus will allow you to keep the guitar with you. You don't want to be surprised by them insisting that they put it in with the baggage.

I've traveled a few times with a guitar and used a hardshell case with a good lock on it. They put it in with the baggage and it survived just fine. Even arrived at the same destination I did
Hard shell case for best results, my friend.

I have done some local traveling while carrying a guitar, but it is inconvenient and I've always felt like I might get it stolen that way or something.

Would be a bold move for someone to grab a guitar off of you, but still. Might be safer in the luggage bin, or overhead.