Hi there. I'm currently in the market for a new electro acoustic guitar. I've read great reviews about the EJ200SCE and also some good ones about the Sonoran. Obviously the Sonoran is cheaper but I don't know if sound wise it compares to the EJ. I want it to perform live with and play all sorts of acoustic music as well as play my own songs which are mainly rhythm based. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.
Without a trace of doubt, or a moment's hesitation, I'd grab the EJ-200-SCE.

Although, when you say, " the Sonoran is cheaper", you must be referring to the "Wildwood Sonoran", the original version is still at a MAP identical to the Epi. You can research them both. In fact M's F, has just upped the advertised price of the original lefty Sonoran, to $449.95. That guitar is alleged to be mahogany, whereas the new, "Wildwood" model id dao B & S.

In all honesty, I haven't bothered very much with my Sonoran, (the LH hog model), since I was able to buy the Epi. The maple body of the EJ-200 is much fiercer sounding, it's got way more bottom end, (and not boomy bass either), the tuners are even way better, 18:1 Grovers, vs. 14:1 stamped frame OEM nonsense.

You get so much more guitar for the money with the EJ-200, it's almost laughable. Or at least it would be, if I hadn't bought a Sonoran first...

Now, the Epiphone EJ-200-SCE is the left handed special edition. Is that what we're talking about? The standard right handed version is EJ-200-CE.

Why don't you get back to me about this? We can talk more.
Yeah I'm a lefty so the left handed model. Sounds like the EJ is my best bet then. I've always been taken with it... Thanks for the advice.
OK, a couple of points.

The EJ-200 is so ungodly big, you really shouldn't buy it without a case. No excuses.

I bought my first one, figuring since I had a brand new gig bag, I'''d be OK for awhile. No such luck. I couldn't zip the bag up all the way, The lower bottom bout, (cutaway bout), was hanging out the side of the bag. A guitar this big, is going to get kicked, knocked over, or whatnot, and it almost can't be avoided simply carrying it from room to room/

Musician's Friend only has the vintage burst model. (Vintage burst is pretty decent, as it has red-orange shading in between the light orange and black/dark brown burst edges.

They're claiming they will be able to ship the natural maple mode, as of May 7. Let's hope. The last time around, they were taking orders on the guitar in Jan. 2014. Gibson made them, and another few dealers cease and desist from that, and only gave them only them 30 days of lead time to start advertising. So, I got my natural model in the first wave in July of 2014, a couple of days after the shipment arrived. They must have sold very well, if Epiphone is going to do, (or is doing), another run of these guitars now, you can either go for the burst model from M'sF, or, at least as of yesterday, buy a natural model from "AMS", American Musical Supply. (I've never done business with AMS, so I can't offer up a review on their site).

Sweetwater is completely out of them, period. So to the best of my knowledge, is zZounds. (Although I honestly don't know, if they ever had them in stock at all).

However, if you want immediate infantile gratification, (and really, who doesn't ?), you can grab the burst mode from them, or grab the natural from AMS. Those are your options, and I suspect that, "time's a wastin' The lousiest alternative, (if you're an "I need it now", kinda of guy) is to wait foer Epiphone to cough up the new run of blondes for M'sF.
One of my local stores has one in stock, vintage sunburst left handed. Gonna try it out and see what I think. Thanks for advice.