Hello, I've wired all my guitar up but the 5-way wasn't wired up correctly was sort of a makeshift for the time being. Someone on here helped me a little last time but now I have a new 5 way and wanting to install it correctly. But I don't understand the drawing when it comes to the lugs of the 5 way. I know they are numbered but on the diagram it has 3 lugs, could someone please explain where I need to solder the wires coming from the liberator to the 5 way. This is the diagram I have been following. I am using Seymour Duncan Invaders.

I did order a 3 way switch but a 5 way switch came instead. I know they can still be used but if it'd be easier with a 3 I will send it back. This is the 5 way switch I have

I came across this but I'm still a little baffled, I have a bit of a better understanding like. But still need some help.

Any help would be great, thanks
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