Hello again,

The tab here got rated 1-star, no reason given at all by the user johanfyr. I thought that had been fixed before, and the song had been given many 5-star ratings beforehand, so can someone remove the rating and/or make sure that the reasoning system shows up?

I found lack formatting tab got approved
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maybe missed pick the button by moderator level IV. but now I check that tab on rejected Approval Queue Rejected Chord
how can be the rejected tab can see on web. or because already approved by moderator level IV, than moderator change the vote. or maybe there is 2 submitting tabs. 1 have approved and 1 have rejected.

I make comment on the tab and than the contributor make comment with my tab with not a proper word.
http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/a/armada/telephone _crd.htm?reply_to=4922400
@nud nud
As you can see the rejected version has been submitted as 'tab', not 'chords'. And yeah, love the world dude
About the people who died tabs, they've been approved in 2008 and 2012 before we even lunch the tpa. But will be fixed, thanks for report.

There's a bug with your tab rating, will be fixed though.
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