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heaven086: I do, sorry for the wait, but i´ve been very buisy all week and haven´t really had any time for UG.

I really like the tone and the sludge/ stoner feel! Maybe work a little more on the overall mix? I know this style is supposed to be raw, but i would prefer a HUGE bass tone with some fuzz. Or maybe i have just listened to much on Electric Wizzard :P I would like some more space on the drums too, the snare to be spesific. Just some reverb and a punchy compressor would do wonders. I dig the spacey breaks btw!

Hence my name: Nice stuff dude! Is everything recorded live? If so i really can´t go into the mixing too much. Just be careful that you don´t switch the tempo too much between the parts. For example from verse-chorus-instrumental its very present. Don´t get me wrong, i loved your song, but in my opinion a more even tempo throughout would make much better!