Hey folks,

I'm thinking of recording guitar covers properly after years of iPhone. I do have access to a decent studio with recording mics but I lack the gear and experience (I did read the sticky and that helped tons!) but I'm not sure what's the best option.

I've kinda decided on either using my current Boss GT-10 to record direct into my home PC or buy Apogee and record direct into my Macbook Air (Garageband). Alternatively, I have access to a school studio with good amps/mics so I can also explore taking the Apogee/Mac combo to record there. I'm not sure what's the best sounding/less complicated option.

Any suggestions? I've heard people say that the amp/mic combo sounds the best if you have a good amplifier.. but I've also heard decent clips of direct recording through amp modelling software.

Thank you!
simplest way would be to buy a cheap audio interface with a hi-z input such as this: http://www.thomann.de/gb/miditech_guitarface_ii.htm

Plug directly into your macbook and use modelling software such as NI Guitarrig via a DAW of your choice.

That's all you need to get near pro sounding recordings.

edit: Didn't realise the GT-10 was an interface already! Don't need to buy a sound card then. Just get some software! I would use the GT-10 simply as an interface. i.e. completely clean and then apply effects in the DAW via modelling software.
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As long as you know what you're doing with the GT-10 you don't need much else.

Glenn Drover recorded "Metalusion" on GT-10 in case you want to hear what it could do.

You could possibly play around with come cab impulses by getting Lepou free cab loader and some of the million free impulses and experiment with these. Plugging and recording an amp can get you more sounds on top of that. Miking the GT-10 through and amp or 2 for stereo can give you more tonal variety. Lots of options there but I'd suggest the GT-10 to start with.