I have a very rare 1968 guild t-100 slim Jim with a 2 pickups and a bixby. Can't find any info on factory pickup heights. I've been playing around and just want to set them back to manu suggested or common practice hieghts Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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First I'd set the pole heights on the pickups to match the fretboard radius. This sets the poles equal distance from the strings when you raise the pickup. Next plug in the guitar and put all the knobs full open. Amp volume is normal. This helps balance the sound between the pots when you adjust the pickup heights.
The closer the pickup poles are to the strings, the better the sound. 1/8" to 1/16" below the strings are where my pickups measure. Bridge pickup usually ends up a bit closer to the strings.
Bring one pickup up to where it sounds good, staying level to the strings with the pickup height. Then switch to the other pickup and raise it up until it's volume matches the other pickup. Switch back and forth to balance the pickups with each others volume.
That's it. Other people may do it differently, but this is the way I balance and setup pickups. Go for it.
There is no "set height" for pickups set them to where you like the sound best
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Plug into a clean amp. Do the pickups sound clean or do you have any slight distortion, pops when you play it, noises from slapping the strings against pickups while you play? If you have any noises like that you need to lower the pickups a bit.

I usually raise mine till I start hearing noise like it's not clean enough any more then lower them a little until they sound clean, then get both to about the same volume level. In some cases I have to adjust them beyond that to get the same approximate volume level as my other guitars. Some pickups are hotter than others, making the guitar louder. There is no set pickup height, just set them so the volume is the same when you swap pickups, you like the sound, and the guitar plays clean. The neck pickup in my Peavey Patriot is actually below the guitar body to get the volume level to match my other guitars, it's that hot. And single coil...love those Super Ferrite pickups....

If you need to you can also tweak pickups for tone, by raising or lowering only one end of the pickup. The bridge pickup in my Strat is too bright, so I lower the treble end of the pickup a little to cut back the treble a little. The neck pickup is the opposite, so I raise it a little closer to the strings to get better treble response.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
having done all the suggestions above, I then adjust the individual pole heights to get the string-to-string output balance where I like it, This often means, for example, having the poles lower on the plain 3rd string than on the wound 4th, so that heights are more or less 123123, bass to treble, 1=low, 3=high. With a wound 3rd it would be more like 123412, bass to treble.
All this info is great. I was also having volume problems between string 6 and string 1. Playing with the poles is going to help. Thanks everyone.