Hi guys!

I finaly scraped enough money for a wireless system, and from what i hear, the G series by Line6 is the best bang for buck. Both the G50 and G55 are around 350€ mark (one is 300 and one is 350), but im wondering what the actual differences are? The 55 does seem cooler, but is the 50€ price difference worth it? The only difference that i can see is that the 50 is rated to 60m and the 55 to 100m, and that the g50 reciver module fits on a pedalboard (which in my case could be an advantage, since i use a pedalboard live, and it would be harder to mount the g55 on it). Am i missing something?

Also, if anyone knows of any other wireless systems in the same price range, that can outpreform the line6 ones, do tell.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.