On a rather low budget, been looking at three models. I need the guitar sooner rather than later, (definitely within a couple of months) and I'm not rolling in money so it needs to be as close to or below the £500 mark as possible.

Been hearing good reviews about the Schecter models Omen- and Damien- 7 string models. Also been looking at the Ibanez RG 7421. Reviews are a little less positive but I have the plus of being able to try out at least some similar guitars. The chances of me getting my hands on a Schecter, especially a 7-string, within 200 miles of me are pretty astronomical. No, I'm not joking, I live in the middle of nowhere. Even Ibanez are fairly scarce.

So anyways, the Ibanez is the cheapest at around the £300-mark. The major bonus of this one is that I've played a couple of Ibanez 7-strings (one around the 500 mark and one unsure, but at a guess slightly cheaper). I wasn't overawed as I was when I first tried my current guitar (LTD MH-1000) but they were solid and most definitely playable, and I wouldn't be unhappy with something similar. On the other hand it has a hardtail bridge and I'd much prefer the Tune-o-matic style on the schecters, just out of personal preference and playing style. I own a strat copy so hardtails are nothing new but I definitely prefer Tune o matics.

On the other hand the two schecters I've looked at both have very good reviews, and also have the tune-o-matic bridge. However, as specified, the chances of me getting to try before I buy are miniscule. I'm not keen on this but I'm going to have to order online anyway, as 7-strings are dead rare around me. Went to the nearest city and found a total of two 7-strings across 3 shops, one was an other Ibanez. The other was a LTD-eclipse style, tried both and was definitely slightly more keen on the Ibanez although it was a tad out of price range.

Anyway regarding Omen vs Damien, the Damien is about 200 more expensive at around £500, maybe a little more, but comes with a pair of EMG's, whereas I have heard that the stock pickups on the Omen are lousy (as with most stock pickups). Sounds like a no-brainer but I've played actives on a couple of guitars and I definitely lean towards passives; I prefer my current set to what I've seen of actives at least, so bear in mind I might end up swapping them anyway depending on whether I like them or not after a little more use.

Not looking for a be-all-and-end-all decision so much, rather someone who knows the guitars better to give a personal opinion, as the more reviews I can see the better. My style is pretty erratic (I play pretty much every genre) but this guitar would naturally be for metal. I like real clarity in my lead (usually neck pickup) but obviously the pickups aren't the important bit as I can always upgrade, but if the guitar naturally does this especially well (or specifically doesn't!) it would be well worth mentioning.

If you have experience with any of the 3 guitars mentioned or even know of something in a similar price range that might fit the bill would greatly appreciate feedback. Preferably not looking for a black guitar either, know it's picky but I find it dead boring and always like a bit of snazz on the guitar. Any feedback in general appreciated.
What 6ers do you have already? I don't have any 7s, although I have an old 2120, which is the six string version of the 2127. Based on that experience alone, prepare for anorexic necks. If you can try one then go for it. Schecters typically have thicker necks than Ibanez, although I don't own one.

Most of the 7s on the market are geared for metal but if you're looking to downtune much further then baritone 7s might be worth considering.

I'm afraid I can't be much more help than that.
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The EMGs are going to be the best stock pickups you get in that price range. The 7421s are really solid guitars, and being on the cheaper side you could always save up a little for a good pickup set. I don't think TOM vs Ibanez hardtail will be that much of an issue. The only problem I have with Ibanez RG 7s is the bridge pickup is a little too far away from the bridge and causes muddiness.

I guess the compromise will be the Omen, which I give my vote to. You can get the Omen and a nice set of pickups.
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Yeah I'm more on the side of the schecters the Ibanez was more a safe option to compare, as I've tried similar guitars. I'm a big Duncan fan so I'd probably end up getting a pair of high-quality pickups for any guitar I got anyway - already got them in both guitars I play (Strat copy with a Hot Rails Bridge and LTD MH-1000 with JB Bridge and '59 Neck). Probably would shell out on a pair of good ones. I hear very good things about the Black Winter and several others, and obviously I know the gear better than DiMarzio's or whatever which I haven't tried so would be extra risk. I'm a big fan of try before you buy, as anyone should be, but this time I'll probably have to take a risk due to availability.

Cheers for the replies. I'll mull it over cause I've got a couple of pay days to go through first anyway...
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i don't remember how much they cost but the ibanez iron label guitars are pretty nice. i played a six and seven and liked them.
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i don't remember how much they cost but the ibanez iron label guitars are pretty nice. i played a six and seven and liked them.

I agree, I think iron label is one of the best ranges ibanez has put out in quite awhile.
Little bit late, so I don't know whether this will help you at all:

Couple of questions first: Do you have any other wishes regarding your guitar? Like 5-way or 3-way switch? Measure?

Also: What would its main use be? I know you wrote you'll need it quite soon, but I for my part would rather save up a little bit more and then buy a guitar I'd be 100 % happy with. Buying a guitar with slighly worse features because it's cheaper won't pay off in the long rung because in the end you might notice what you really miss or what annoys you on your new instrument, so you might end up buying another one. That said, I'd rather either try to get a used Ibanez Prestige or save up some more money. If neither is an option, I'd definitely go with the Omen.
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I would go after a used RG7620 or 7621. They are great guitars and can be had for fairly cheap. At one time I had a 1527 and it was amazing, I just never played 7 strings enough to justify keeping it.
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