So I am getting a stripped down warlock from a friend and I have some old humbuckers from my Epiphone SG special, what kind of pots would be good for tone and volume? I believe that this has Agathis wood too, but I'm not for sure so... What would you all recommend?

500K Log pot for the volume, 500K Linear pot for the tone. Use CTS just because they're good and pots are so cheap that you may as well get the best available. Regarding caps, 0.022 mfd is the most common for humbuckers. Some people go nuts over what kind of capacitor is in the guitar. But since you're presumably a metal player, and metal players never, ever use the tone control anyway, it doesn't matter what you use.

With that said, you might not even want a tone control at all, and in which case, you can use the other hole in the body to wire up another volume control for the neck pickup or something. Its completely up to you.
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looks like a platinum series. So yeah agathis for sure. It's not a horrible wood in my opinion.

I agree with t00deepblue. 500k pots are your best bet. CTS are excellent quality... BUT.. you'll have to widen the holes in the guitar which you may not have the tools. If you can try it before you buy the pots that is your best bet.

capacitors though .. 0.022uf is a bit too small for a humbucker. 0.047 is the industry standard. The bigger the capacitor if you go with a classic tone knob means it'll cut more treble. 0.1uf fender used in the 60s and it cuts a massive amount of treble.

*regular mylar from thailand is good they are green or red
*malory capacitors are great or anything paper in oil
*sprague orange drops
*black beauties
if you buy higher end capacitors make sure to buy heat sinks to not destroy them soldering.
**avoid gibsons reissues of sprague bumblebees, they are a scam. They just look like what sprague used in the 1950s gibsons. I've actually owned/used real 1950s bumblebees.
youtube a comparison

a switchcraft input jack

copper shield the guitar while all the guts are out. It makes a world of difference for clarity. Ebay has the rolls for 2-3$ with free shipping. I have a blog how to properly do it. Custom shops do this.

wiring schematics seymourduncan is best. Even if you don't use their pickups their schematics are what I tell guys to go with all the time.

three tone knob mods
the fender TBX - it shapes your tone in 2 different ways not just one like a standard tone.
the fender greasebucket mod - for super high gain pickups it eliminates the harsh highs and adds more clarity
the torres mid scoop mod - I have a blog on this as well
this is without getting into push pulls and mini toggles of course.

pickups I really like the BC Rich BDSM bridge pickup. It's 19.5k in resistance (seriously) which makes it in the top 3 highest resistance pickups I've ever used and I've played 100s of guitars. People talk shit about it and call it muddy and then want higher output but they don't know how to use their amp if that is the case. The uncovered ones where they don't look like EMG sound way better in my opinion. But since you can go with anything Agathis is dark with some highs in it

suggestions for metal
the seymour duncan Custom , JB , Black winter , distortion , invader bridge models. The seymour duncan Jazz or 59 perhaps for the neck. a bunch of others come to mind but consult the website and find something you're excited about and don't feel shy to mix and match brands.

Dimarzio - X2N (bridge) , D-activator bridge/neck , D-activator X , I'm not much of a dimarizio fan

avoid EMG if you copper shield , signature pickups I'd avoid too. Play the guitar with anything and see what the guitar is missing sound wise before dropping serious cash on two pickups. There is EQ charts to help figure out what the guitar needs.

tuners - grovers, schaller or sperzel - anything 18:1 , locking or not.
bridge - floyd rose original 1000 with a brass big block upgrade (the upgrade is easy)
straps - schaller strap locks I really like
optional stuff you can get like skull knobs and stuff from qparts or go all out
strings i really like pure nickel on agathis bodied guitars like dunlop makes

other than that I think you're good , good choice going with something unique like a warlock. Any questions feel free to privately message me.
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