Heavy as all hell. Love that bass sound. chunky and tasty. The vocals seem a bit loud in the mix. Nice aggressive sound. The guitars could be a tad brighter with the low-end cut out a bit. Liking the vocal rasp quite a bit. The energy is awesome as are the riffs. Drums seem a little low in the mix. Classic gritty rock sound. Sick song, man!

Thanks man! Commented back
Taken your suggestion on that and done a bit of tweaking too.

Turned the guitars up (I think they were too low in the mix rather than not having enough brightness).
Turned the vocals down, and then turned the entire mix down minus the drums to give them more prominence.

Sadly I can't take much credit for the bass sound since it's literally the magic of Kontakt 5 Rickenbacker plugin! It's the same sound I use for my Ace of Spades cover. I want the bass to be more prominent in the mix compared to most songs because I feel it can be undervalued a fair bit.
Hey man, cool song. Awesome riffs that flow nicely. The vocals are very unique. While they aren't really my taste, I can appreciate the vocals for what they are. The chorus is actually quite catchy. My suggestion would be to really work on getting the EQ right with the guitars. The levels are okay and you can hear everything in the mix, but the guitars really could use a lift. They're a little too compressed/digital sounding. Overall, the songwriting is great, the guitar work is great and it is stylistically unique! Good job!

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Thanks man.
I'm glad on the vocals compliment! I've been trying to escape people saying I sound too much like Lemmy Kilmister...

The guitars are straight into my computer through Guitar Rig 5. I'm terrible at mixing too :P

Thanks again!
Cool intro with the Bells and feedback! The riffs are sounding pretty solid. Personally for the intro vocals, when they first come in I think it would be better live if they came in at that point, but for a studio recording I reckon the 2nd phrase you come in is a good point, just my opinion. The vocals are very cool though, remind me of some stoner metal/Lemmy style vox

Production was pretty good, are they real drums or programmed? The bass was nice and present! Keep up the good work

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1673213
Thanks a bunch!
I had a little chuckle to myself making that intro :P

The feedback is a reversed cymbal sound going through guitar rig 5 distortion.

I was thinking that myself with the vocals coming in. By second phrase I'm guessing you mean "this is today's news"?
And I thought I had escaped the Lemmy sound. God damn him copying my voice!

Drums are EZDrummer, bass is Kontakt 5 Rickenbacker

Thanks a bunch again man. Will check yours out now!

Really heavy! Thought the bass tone was excellent and worked well with the kick, providing a good rhythm section for the song. I thought it kind of had a 80s metal sound and your vocals worked well with the style of music.

I liked the guitar but thought the tone had a bit of "mud" to it which you could remove. Maybe look at the 200-500 or 600-900 regions and see if cuts will bring some more clarity. Or maybe sift around with a HPF.

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Cheers, M
Nice intro! Instrumentally, everything is rockin' (though some good lead guitar would be nice)!! Vocals are a bit heavy for my taste, but they fit the song.........you called me WHAT? I like the chorus vocals better (more melodic) than the verse. You clanged my bell. Please review my music at this link:

Nice atmospheric intro! Your chugging riffs sound pretty bad ass. I love chugs backed up by some aggressive drums! The chorus vocals sound pretty cool, but on the whole they're not quite my cup of tea. In the verses they get a bit too, I don't know, in my ears they would've been better if they'd been more melodic. On the whole, this is a pretty bad ass song, I dig the intro and outro, great bookends for this song. You've done a really good job!

Now for something completely different: c4c this?
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