I favor the mids in a Martin that is in the 1000-1500 price range. I have never bought a guitar before of my own but I have been playing for years now. What model do you recommend? Should I buy used or brand new? Help please! I play worship music and I enjoy playing pop/rock as well.
Presumably if you have never bought a guitar of your own you have either been playing someone else's or an instrument that's been bought for you?

Perhaps if you "favour the mids in a Martin that is in the 1000-15000 price range" you should buy one of those.

Personally I think there are two features that are key in a guitar: sound and playability. But of course these are subjective things so the best advice I can give is go to a good music store and play as many guitars as you can. Buy the one that plays and sounds the best to you (within your budget, of course).

PS. FWIW the name on the headstock is my least important consideration.
What do you recommend personally? I am open to any suggestions as I do not want to waste this large amount of money on something I do not know much about. Thank you!
So is it safe to assume that $1000-$1500 is your budget? At that price point, any guitar you get should be a very good guitar and it's a matter of personal taste so like Garthman said you need to go to a music store and try out a few models in your range. Most stores will have knowledgeable employees that will be happy to give their input and stear you in the right direction. If you are buying on-line, then that's a little different ballgame. You need to read as many reviews as you can or go with what you have experience playing, and take a shot in the dark. Either way you want to get the guitar set up professionally so it plays well. I can only recommend brands that I own personally and they are a little n the less expensive side(<$1000). I can easily recommend Seagull and Yamaha from my experience. I have a seagull sws and yamaha A1R(artist series) and I think they are both great guitars in the $500-1000 range. Whether they stack up with a Martin, Taylor or Gibson? Couldn't tell ya but I'm happy with them. Recording King, Guild and Breedlove are also good brands to take a looksee at. Oh yeah, if you're dropping a grand or more, I'd make sure that it's an all solid wood guitar. JMO
Thanks for the input! I will gladly take it and learn all I can. Wood is such a complicated topic with how all the guitars are made. I was considering an Indian rosewood guitar because the wood resonates well with me.
while most people consider dreadnoughts to be "normal" guitars - i've read posters who call them that - there are other sizes, as well. jumbos, OMs and 000s are played fairly regularly, and each brings different tone to the party. i wouldn't consider spending $1000 or more unless i had tried a LOT of guitars to find what size felt good and sounded good, and would play a wide variety of brands to see which guitar i preferred.

brands with all-solid guitars i like in your price range include eastman, gibson, recording king and guild. i'd definitely suggest you try one of the new gibson J-15 guitars, as i think they have good tone with enough bass, nice finishes and they just appeal to me. many all solid (forget the cheaper lam b&s guitars) guilds, eastmans and recording kings sound great and are offered in a variety of sizes, woods and scale lengths. and some blueridge guitars sound great at a good value, but while i'm a huge blueridge fan, their 000s lack something tonally for me.

there are brands with guitars i really like at higher prices that don't do it for me in the $1000 to $1500 range including breedlove and taylor (you can't even get an all solid taylor for $1500).

i'm concerned about someone without much guitar buying experience buying used, but if you look, you might want to add larrivee to your list.
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