I am looking to spray paint some stencil designs on my old acoustic guitar but i am not sure how to go about it so I was wondering if anyone has some insights to offer? Also, I hope to remove the logo on the headstock. It seems to be printed on. It's just the word "davis", it's a custom from one of the local shops.
This should be fun. I'm surprised no one got back to you on this as it has 60+ views.

Stencil designs is a good question. I remember Joan Jett and the runaways in this movie this girl I used to hang out mentioned they customized t-shirts with cardboard boxes with their bands logo on it and spraying.

my biggest piece of advice is take your time. spray it on a flat surface and do some test sprays on something that isnt your guitar. When I did a red contour around a V guitar like Pat O'brien of Cannibal Corpse V guitar and it took half a roll of dollar store painters tape to get the little edges but it looked great.

stereotypical do preparation work. Tape off anything you don't plan to spray with paint on. To keep the design on where it wont chip or scrape off use polyurethane (wood finish) to seal the paint in and sand/buff it. On ebay this mexican ebay seller makes custom decals and you can email him a design and pay for it too which is another option. His main business is inlay decals. You can have from BC Rich inlay designs to Ibanez tree of life and other lawsuits if they sold them anywhere else haha.

sanding and buffing there is lots of tutorials on youtube but pretty much I sand to 2000 and use automotive stuff like polishing compound and a buffer. Sullys guitar garage has some good tutorials on it.

lets see what others say though.