Anyone using the Mooer Little Monster BM?
What you say if it compares to Blackstar HT-1R (Head)?
you are starting a lot of threads...

i have not been impressed by blackstar. especially the HT series, and especialy the HT1 and HT5. they don't sound good much quieter than anything else. and they aren't all that great.

what are you looking for as far as application goes? bands? genres? budget? location? etc.
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Actually I want sweet valve sound under low volume. Not sure this is possible or not.
Be honest, I really like my Classic 30 with sweet clear valve sound, but I cant play it at night 1-3am.
Headphones and a POD would be the best solution here. You're not going to get much valve tone with a one watter without being ridiculously loud. If it's anything like my Dark Terror, which is ridiculously loud at seven watts.
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Get the best Line 6 POD you can find used and a set of headphones. Cheap and good.
If you have other bigger amps(even if you don't then you won't miss out) then you also have great effects to add to them plus MIDI swithching if you get a HD500.
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